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Perfecting your everyday home office with Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades

There is no doubt that more people are working from home these days. But what many people don’t consider when setting up their home office, is the lighting. Not only can the Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades protect you from damaging UV rays, but they also add the tinge of sophistication your office needs to feel more professional. The more professional the office, the easier it is to be focused and productive, which can be especially difficult when you’re not going into the actual office.

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades near Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (SC), adding professionalism to home offices.

Connect the indoors with the outdoors as you work

It is crucial to feel comfortable while working from home. This is more easily accomplished when you don’t feel trapped inside all day. Having a sense of the outdoors while inside can be grounding, relaxing, and focusing. A good amount of sunlight can boost mood and vitamin D levels. This is where the Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades come in handy. These Designer Screen Shades come with five different levels of opaqueness, ranging from 86% to 99% of light being blocked. You can choose how much of the outdoor view fits your ideal workspace, while still getting the full benefits of UV ray blocking.

The Science of the Shades

While working indoors, it is easy to forget that the Sun can still damage not only us, but our work, furniture, flooring, and artwork. Sun damage of any sort can cause premature aging of the skin and other harsher consequences. Luckily, Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades are manufactured to curb harsh UV rays from reaching you and your things, preserving not only your skin but also the condition of your items. The pairing to the Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades and window treatments provides optimal safety from harmful sun rays.

Waste no time with Custom Clutch designed Screen Shades

We understand that your time is valuable. To ensure maximal ease, we use the Custom Clutch operating system features for precision-tuned lift technology to make the opening and closing of the Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades accessible with the touch of a button and even voice activation on your phone. On an important work call but the sun is glaring on your computer? Just open the PowerView app and automate the Screen Shades to the exact positioning necessary.

Maintain the office vibe in the comfort of your home

Since the entire aesthetic of a home office can contribute to productivity and work rate, Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades come in exclusive fabrics that fit seamlessly with our Hunter Douglas drapery. It is important to separate work-life from regular-life, but still maintain a collective style within a home. With several options varying in light control, color, and styles, your home office is bound to mesh well with the rest of your house and also enhance your creativity!


If you’re interested in upgrading your workspace and adding to the productivity and value of your home, contact us via our website for a free consultation or call us at (843) 881-8858. One of our friendly, accommodating experts will be on time to help you choose the perfect Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades for you! We are located in Mount Pleasant, SC but are proud to extend our services to Charleston, Isle of Palms, Kiawah, Sullivans, Seabrook, John’s Island, James Island, Daniel Island, West Ashley, Awendaw, McClellanville, and Summerville!